We Can’t Believe People Fell For Ikea’s April Fools’ Prank

“All your little one needs to do is hop into a pod and press play! Stay tuned for more details Team Sports.”

A lot of people seemed to forget that tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, so they got upset about the announcement. In their defense, it seemed like it could almost be real.

“I believe kids have more than enough screen time. If Ikea is introducing more screen time at Småland, I would rather let them shop with me than to sign them into Småland. Feeling disappointed with this new introduction,” one customer commented on Facebook.

Ikea had the perfect response. “Some of our interactive videos encourage future physical action, like our ASSEMBLE THE FURNITURE GAME, which will prepare your child to help out at home in the future!” the company’s social media team responded to this customer. (We can just hear them laughing.)

Another customer wrote: “I can’t believe this! They need physical play more than finger play. They learn social skills when they interact with other kids. They don’t interact when their eyes are glued to the screens! Please bring back the physical playground. This is zombie land.”


Zombie land, you say? “That’s a great name! Let us take that under consideration Contemporary & Designer,” Ikea responded.

A third customer wrote: “Children preferring tablet does not mean it’s a good thing Outdoor Clothing. They like to eat sweet food, does it mean we have to put more sugar in their diet?”

But eventually Jackets, people caught on to Ikea’s prank.

Moral of the story? “Good job Ikea!” wrote one customer. “You managed to gain parents’ attention. Sometimes we cannot see our own mistakes (in allowing too much screen time to them). Publicity stunts like this will make most parents (myself included) [realize] and open our eyes wider. Let’s spend more quality time with our children Swimwear.”